Ed Tech Unconference

I followed  Cue16 Conference via Twitter. This was a very new experience for me, since I am new to Twitter in general, so finding I can attend and follow an educational conference was pretty exciting. The Cue 2016 Conference was held in Palm Springs, California over three days in March, and is the largest educational technology conference. I would love to actually attend one in person one day, but following it was, lets just say interesting. When I first began following the conference I was a little let down, all that was being tweeted was what bar people were going to later, and who wanted to game. Though as I continued to follow it over the couple of days it began to be more rewarding.

The conversation started turn more informational. I began seeing a lot of chatting regarding the flipped classroom and things we as teachers should be informed of prior to trying this strategy. There was also a lot of chatter later regarding all the collaboration idea and concepts that are available with technology in the classroom. Being a big proponent of having the twenty first century learners ready for the future and the workforce, I am very excited to see collaboration with educators and in their classrooms. As I continued to follow the #CUE16 I was excited to see a slide share of New and Dynamic Kinds of Professional Learning. I loved it. Overall it was a great experience and I would definitely do it again.



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