Open Courseware

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Knowledge at your fingertips!

I absolutely love the idea of Open Courseware, this provides so much for so many. This simple idea of publishing courses for anyone to take and learn from is great, that they are also free is amazing, but that they are from an institution such as MIT is phenomenal. I can literally go on and  search a topic, or area of content and learn the material or refresh my knowledge of a subject. This is a great source for someone looking to learn, who may not have access or the money for traditional college, and who do not need that piece of paper at the end (which lets be honest, is usually what we are paying for).

I found this course called Technopanics:Moral Panics about Technology. This course is totally relevant to todays culture, and the growing panic people have with technology and media. I think this course would be incredibly helpful to understand and study, and I find it very timely. It studies the deviant social behaviors occurring both on and offline (Hacking, trolling, bullying, murders, ect…), and whether technology is really to blame. It investigates whether society really  has reason to be fearful of digital and social media. This course begins by researching similar “panics” society has had with television, and even books. I am very excited to look into this course, it seems fascinating.

There are many topics and subjects you could use OpenCourseware for. Back when I was studying for some state tests, I found several courses that I could have been utitlizing and that would have really helped me had I known these kinds of courses were available free online. I really, really, like this site and would reccomend it to anyone that wishes to learn something new, or even just better. I am amazed that this type of courses exist, and  for free. There are so many diverse courses that are offered and I am thrilled to find that an institution such as MIT offers so much knowledge for people everywhere.







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