Blended Learning

Like all things in life, a compromise or blend of  two opinions, sides, or theories, usually produces the best overall results. I believe the same goes for learning, and education…especially at the college level. There have been many times in my life, that I sat in class and thought this could be a better use of time and materials if this content was covered online, while on the opposite spectrum, there have also been numerous times through out my education I have taken an online class, that I could have benefited from traditional instruction a time or two through out the course. While I do believe there are  benefits from less seat time, I do believe some content may be better served face to face. There is something to be said for the combination of the two, or better referred to as blended learning.

The blog I read was a major supporter of Hybrid classes, and blended learning. This blog, reviewed the many benefits of blended learning for the student, the instructor, and the institution. It stated the student enjoys and relies on the convenience and flexibility of the blended learning, while having live interaction mixed with the web and digital expectations. The instructor and institution benefit from having the potential to teach more students, while managing the instructors and facilities more efficiently. According to this blog, and my own opinion, blended learning is a win for all.


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