1st Twitter Experience

twittercloudSadly I am not a social media fan. Unfortunately I have always thought of social media with a negative connotation, especially Twitter. When I previously  thought of Twitter, I always connected it to Kanye West’s rants, or teenagers superficial “Tweets.” Now that I have opened my eyes to the different avenues it can lead you down, I have to admit I was clearly wrong. Now that I think of Twitter as as search engine, I can see the many ways you can enjoy, utilize, and navigate Twitter. I have been using it to see cool History lessons people have done, as well as I have  began to follow and read many news articles. I actually just found some cool Youtube channels through Twitter, and have forwarded them onto my own kids teachers, so they can utilize them as well. Now that I use it as a resource and search engine, instead of a social media site…I love it!!!!!


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